Grace Kelly

Wedding dresses

Wandering in fashion week and haute couture house, Grace Kelly Korea is a multi-label designers’ wedding dress that is dedicated to fulfilling every bride's dream. Grace Kelly is one of the most luxurious brands in France. In 1992, Grace Kelly was acquired by a Korean wedding dress company which later was known as Grace Kelly Korea. Now, Grace Kelly Korea has become the standard entry of luxury wedding dress brand in Asia and is praised as the most anticipated wedding dress for brides. The unshakable elite status has been established in the wedding fashion industry and Grace Kelly Korea will continue to let the brides experience wonderful moment through a luxury and unique wedding dress.

Having worked with various elite brands like Choi Jae Hoon, Milla Nova, Pronovias, and Vera Wang, brides-to-be can expect premium quality gowns of exquisite designs at your fingertips. Whether you prefer something chic and classy, elegant and lacey, or whimsical and fashion-forward, you’ll be a stunning vision to behold as you walk down the aisle in a Grace Kelly Korea gown.


Suits & Tux

Korea Artiz Studio has TOP ZIO for men. Offering both bespoke and ready-made suits and tuxedos, TOP ZIO was established in Korea since 1916 and hailed as “South Korea’s number one men’s suit” by MOBLIAN, a South Korean magazine. Known for their minimalist and stylish designs, their understated suits lend a sophisticated and sleek look to the grooms.

La Queen

Hair & Makeup

Artiz Studio’s in-house makeup and hair stylist academy.

Achieve that effortlessly flawless brilliance and enhance your natural beauty with LA. QUEEN, Korea Artiz Studio’s in-house makeup and hairstyling academy, which has an impressive portfolio of high-profile celebrities and politicians as its clients! Brand of choice for numerous K-Pop bands.